CITYFACTS delivers data from your buildings - simple and efficient

CITYFACTS delivers data from your buildings

Avoid the technical challenges of data collection. Instead, spend your time on insight and action.
No risk

Avoid unforseen incidents as we own and operate the technical setup and take responsibility for your data collection.

Optimize your resources

Achieve the full savings potential by focusing on getting value out of data rather than spending time collecting it.

No start-up costs

Avoid tying up capital in equipment. We handle the investment, and you pay a flat rate for the service.

Efficient data collection from buildings

With CITYFACTS, the way to your building data becomes simpler. We secure the data you need by negotiating with your utility companies or selecting, installing and handling the necessary equipment. In this way, you avoid getting caught up in heavy negotiations or in technical setups that remove focus from real value creation.

It is easy to get started and get insight into your buildings' ongoing consumption, usage patterns and climate. The value is available immediately as you can begin to utilize the value of data and thus achieve savings, space optimization and better comfort from day one.

CITYFACTS by numbers

We collect data from the municipalities of Horsens, Odense, Frederikshavn, Esbjerg and Guldborgsund.


Ready about CITYFACTS in:

Data on subscription

As a customer of CITYFACTS, you pay a fixed monthly fee for data collection from your buildings. This way, you avoid large start-up costs and the need for capital reserves for unforeseen breakdowns and maintenance. 

Fixed monthly payment
Easy to scale up and down as needed
Faster return on investment


Skanderborg Municipality

gets valuable insights with data collection.

Odense City Hall

gets validated data without delay.

Horsens Municipality

spends time using data rather than collecting it.

Frederiksberg Forsyning

shows the way with a fully functioning Smart City network.


Why choose CITYFACTS?

You will get direct access to the data you need - integrated into your preferred IT-system - and you do not have to worry about all the technical aspects associated with data collection from buildings. We will take care of that.

How do we get started?

Getting started with CITYFACTS is easy.
Contact us and together we will figure out how to fulfill your needs the best way.


Are you interested in knowing more about data collection from your buildings, or are you curious about how we can help you achieve more efficient energy optimizations? Don't hesitate to give us a call so we can have a talk about your particular needs.
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