Simple and efficient data collection

Our passion is to make building energy optimization simpler.

Society is changing.
Climate is changing.
Ressources are getting less.
But everything is not bad.
Digitilization and technologies are opening new doors.

We will make it easier to solve the challanges of the modern society by making building energy optimization simpler. The way to the goal is thorugh reliable, valid data that is easily accessible, frequently updated and accurate. Decisions that affect how our society is organized must be made on the basis of facts and not sensations.

Moving towards a sustainable development

The UN's global goals show the way towards a sustainable development - as human beings, as communities, as nations and as the world. A cornerstone of the global goals is to optimize the way we produce and use energy so that we get more of the green and sustainable energy in use and become better at utilizing it efficiently. 

In Denmark, there is a huge potential to reduce CO2 emissions and make energy consumption more efficient in buildings. with CITYFACTS, we work to make building energy optimization simpler so that we can move towards a sustainable future together.

10 years of experience

CITYFACTS is the result of 10 years dedicated knowledge building. We have been involved in more than 60 research and development projects within digitalization of energy. 

In 2018 it was clear. If Denmark is to achieve the green transition, we must make energy optimization of buildings easier. This became the foundation of CITYFACTS. 

The Insero Horsens association, which is behind us, dedicated a team of energy, software and business experts who went about creating a new and efficient path to data collection. 

In the summer of 2019, we were able to launch CITYFACTS, which today offers efficient and simple data collection as a service. 

Today, we work dedicated to making the way to energy optimization easier - and we are not alone. 

As part of Insero Horsens, we at CITYFACTS have a staff of 35 colleagues in the back with expertise in digitalization and IT, software development, business development, finance and law.

60 projects

within digitalization of energy.

10 years of experience

with energy optimization and data collection.

35 employees

dedicated to make your way to data simpler.


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