Simple and efficient data collection

Our passion is to make your way to data simpler.

CITYFACTS is set in the world to make data easily accessible - whether it is from buildings, cities or anything else. 

We believe that insight based on facts is the basis of making the right decisions. Decisions that can lead us towards a more sustainable development. Decisions that make our world greener.

In CITYFACTS, we have in-depth industry knowledge and several years of experience with IT from industries within metering, energy and supply. Our work is based on 11 years of dedicated building of knowledge and participation in 60 research and development projects in the field of energy and digitalisation. 

Experts. Specialists. Nerds. Whatever you call us, data is an

integrated part of our DNA - and it makes a difference when making your way to data simpler.

We collect the data you need - whether it is through equipment/sensors or by negotiating with your utilities for data access. We monitor and handle everything that has to do with data.

That way, we live up to what we are set in the world for - to make data easily accessible to you so that you can focus on using data to drive development and results.

Together we come the longest by doing what each does best. Use your resources on what really makes a difference - action based on insight.

+ 40 years of experience

with IT from industries within metering, energy and utility

+ 60 projects

within digitalisation and energy

35 colleagues

behind us as part of Insero Horsens

Part of Insero Horsens

Behind CITYFACTS is the association of Insero Horsens, who will create Denmark's strongest technical competencies within energy and IT. Insero Horsens was established in 2008 in a merger between NRGi and Energi Horsens.

Over 11 years, Insero has participated in 60 research and development projects within digitalisation and energy, which has given us a position of strength in combining theory and development results with practical reality.

CITYFACTS is a result of this dedicated building of knowledge, which today is implemented in our service, that makes data collection easier for you. 

As part of Insero Horsens, we at CITYFACTS have 35 colleagues in the back with expertise in digitalisation and IT, software development, business development, finance and law.


Are you interested in hearing more about data collection in your buildings, or are you curious about how we can help you achieve more efficient energy optimizations? Don't hesitate to give us a call so we can have a talk about your particular needs.
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