Financial questions - CITYFACTS

Financial questions

1. What does the monthly subscription cover?

The monthly subscription includes hardware, data communication, data collection and delivery. In addition, it covers debugging, which includes troubleshooting, warranty handling, defective equipment, equipment replacement and installation failure. 

All this give you:

    • No risk - CITYFACTS takes care of the delivery of your data
    • A transparent economy - simple pricing structure and fixed monthly subscription
    • Time for savings and optimization - you save time for data collection, data validation, troubleshooting, warranty cases, manual entries and errors on installation because of meter replacement or changes in telecom providers
    • Flexibility - shorter lock-in period compared to a DIY solution


2. How long are we tied to CITYFACTS?

Basically, you only have a lock-in period of 48 months. Subsequently, you can terminate the agreement free of charge. You also have the opportunity to withdraw from the agreement before the end of the lock-in period.

3. Can we reduce the length of the lock-in period?

You decide how long you want to be a customer of CITYFACTS. If you wish to reduce the lock-in period you have the option of moving part of the subscription to an initial payment.

4. Can we buy the equipment upon termination of the agreement?

When you terminate the agreement, you always have the opportunity to purchase the equipment at a depreciated value. CITYFACTS depreciates the value of the equipment by 5% per year after the initial lock-in period of 48 month. The depreciated value will be clearly stated in the agreement.

5. How much does CITYFACTS cost?

CITYFACTS offers three products; Consumption, Activity and Comfort, which basically operates with a subscription structure. The subscription structure is based on measurement points, where one measurement point includes all relevant registers that can be read from a sensor or a meter. 

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