General questions - CITYFACTS

General questions

1. How do we get started?

Getting started with CITYFACTS is easy. Contact us and we will find out how your needs are met. 

The process for an agreement typically goes through the following steps:

    • You contact one of us on the contact information below
    • We will jointly identify your data collection needs, including data type and frequency
    • We select buildings that will be inspected and examined in relation to data collection conditions
    • An agreement will be drawn up containing the agreed elements
    • Data collection will be established

You are always welcome to contact us at:

Phone: +45 7199 4140 or

2. Why choose CITYFACTS?

You get direct access to the data you need - integrated into your preferred IT-system - and you do not have to worry about all the technical aspects associated with data collection from buildings. We will handle it. 

3. Who owns our data?

You own your data - along with CITYFACTS. Ownership is shared between you as a customer and CITYFACTS, but you always have ownership of your data and access to it 24/7. You can do with your data as your wish.

4. Can we easily add new measurement points to our subscription?

You can always add new measurement points to your subscription - the same simple concept and transparent price throughout. With CITYFACTS, it is easy to scale up and down to match your needs.

5. Is CITYFACTS relevant if we already have remote reading?

CITYFACTS is a good addition if you already have remote reading from your buildings. CITYFACTS offers data collection of activity and climate data, as well as a link to your already existing consumption data.