Practical questions - CITYFACTS

Practical questions

1. Who owns the equipment?

CITYFACTS owns the equipment and the data collection platform. Upon termination of the agreement you have the opportunity to purchase the equipment at a depreciated value.

2. Who is responsible for damaged equipment?

CITYFACTS is responsible for all equipment. However, we reserve the right to disclaim responsibility for equipment damaged by building users. Should the accident occur, your insurance must cover the damage.

3. What if CITYFACTS does not deliver as agreed?

If CITYFACTS does not meet the stipulated delivery requirements, you may claim compensation according to the principles set out in the agreement.

4. How is the data quality with CITYFACTS?

By default, CITYFACTS collects data from the counter state rather than consumption pulses. This ensures that high quality, reliable and accessible validated data is always delivered. In the case of missing data values, our Machine Learning algorithms provide new data values as close to the reality as possible - this will always be evident from data so that you can identify constructed data.