Technical questions - CITYFACTS

Technical questions

1. Do we have access to our data 24/7?

As a customer of CITYFACTS, you always have access to your data. As part of the CITYFACTS solution, you receive an API that enables you to access your data at any time.

2. Where is our data placed?

CITYFACTS has developed a Cloud solution in which your data is stored. The solution is designed in collaboration with Microsoft and thus uses their servers located in Europe.

3. Is our data safe?

All data deliveries are backed up to secure historical data. This backup is based on an agreement between CITYFACTS and Microsoft, that hosts the cloud-based solution used. Upon termination of the agreement, CITYFACTS will also maintain a backup of your data for a minimum of 12 months.

4. How do we get data out of the CITYFACTS platform?

By default, you get data out of the CITYFACTS platform through an Application Programming Interface (API).

5. Can CITYFACTS be integrated with existing IT-solutions?

Yes. Per default, CITYFACTS provides data through an API. If you cannot handle the integration with your current system yourself, we will gladly help with this.