Simple and efficient data collection

Get insight into your buildings

Choose between three different products and gain insight into the consumption, activity and climate of your buildings.

Let CITYFACTS take the responsibility of your data collection

Energy savings and optimization of buildings require data of high quality that is complete and reliable. But getting data of the right quality requires close monitoring of equipment and data supplies.

In CITYFACTS, we offer efficient and simple data collection from buildings. We own, operate and monitor the necessary equipment, negotiate with your utility companies for data access and provide easily accessible and reliable data in the frequency and format you desire.

We focus on value rather than technology and make it easy for you to optimize your buildings' energy usage based on reliable data. 

We remove the complexity of data collection, enabling you to focus on the essence - action based on factual insight.

With CITYFACTS you get:

  • Complete and reliable data in your preferred IT-system
  • Available data 24/7
  • Secure data delivery without worries
  • A dashboard that gives you overview of data, quality and delivery
  • Threshold alarms
  • A full-service agreement where you can focus entirely on the use of data!

Right from the start I find that data is delivered to our energy management system completely smoothly. It creates new opportunities to monitor our consumption more closely and focus our time on investigating why our consumption is as it is and whether our technical plants are running as they should.

Bo Niebuhr
Head of Department in the center of properties in Frederikshavn Municipality



We collect electricity, water and heat consumption data from your buildings and deliver it through an API and a dashboard. In this way, you avoid challenges with complicated technical setups and outages in data delivery.


You will get detailed knowledge about the level of activity in your buildings.
We collect and deliver data so that you can optimize and utilize your buildings optimally.


Through measurements of humidity, temperature and CO2, you gain insight into the indoor climate of your buildings. We ensure collection and delivery of data that enable you to focus on increasing productivity and reducing sick days.


Insight into your buildings' energy and water consumption has never been easier. With a fixed monthly subscription, you receive data about your buildings' consumption.

With CITYFACTS, the data about your energy and water consumption is collected from the building's utility meters. As a starting point, data is collected once an hour and sent once a day, unless you need more or less specific data. It gives you a dynamic and detailed picture of the consumption of your buildings with the opportunity to discover:

  • Standby consumption
  • Unnecessary heat consumption
  • Differential temperature faults
  • Leaks
  • Pipe bursts


We monitor and determine data quality so that you have the proper foundation to make the right decisions about energy savings and optimizations.

The data will be delivered to you through an API that can be integrated into your preferred IT-system. It could for instance be an energy management or facility management system.

In addition, your data is presented on a dashboard showing consumption, data delivery and the quality hereof. The dashboard contains an alarm function enabling you to set individual alarms that suit specific buildings and the possibility to compute calculated measurement points.



Optimize and utilize the square meters in your buildings with CITYFACTS activity data. By paying a fixed monthly subscription, you gain insight into the activity and usage patterns of your buildings.

With CITYFACTS Activity, you get data about the activity level in your buildings. It allows you to gain a more detailed insight into your buildings and the use hereof.

You do not have to select and handle the technical setup. We take care of that. Simply define the areas/rooms you wish to collect data from.

Your activity data is collected and sent continuously. You can access data through an API that can be integrated into your preferred IT-system as well as through a dashboard.

With activity data from your buildings, you gain insight into patterns and intensity of usage based on measured data. This enables you to optimize and utilize the space in your buildings more optimally which can result in great savings - for example by closing down unused buildings.

A combination of your consumption data and activity data enables further savings by discovering high energy and water consumption in buildings that are not used often.


Reduce sick leave and increase productivity. With CITYFACTS Comfort, you gain insight into the climate of your buildings and ensure a good indoor climate for the users.

The indoor climate is of great importance to your users'  comfort when using the buildings. With CITYFACTS Comfort, you get thorough knowledge of the indoor climate in your buildings through measurements of CO2 concentration, humidity and temperature - without having to deal with the technical setup.

CITYFACTS selects and handles the technical setup for you - you just have to focus on creating value and optimizing 

the indoor climate based on your data. Your data is collected and sent on an ongoing basis and is available through an API that can be integrated into your preferred IT-system and through a dashboard.

With permanent indoor climate measurements, you get:

  • Better comfort for users
  • Better user experiences
  • Higher productivity
  • Better learning ability
  • Less sick days

We want an even stronger foundation of data and a more nuanced picture of the energy consumption in our properties. This is the case now. With data collection from CITYFACTS we can track consumption hourly and identify the most important energy saving measures. It allows us to utilize our resources optimally, capture unintentional standby consumption and respond quickly when, for example, leaks or pipe bursts occur.

Peter Sarka
Project and Process Manager at the Center for Technology and Environment in Guldborgsund Municipality


With CITYFACTS you get quality assured data in your preferred IT-system.


You get your data through an API so it can be integrated into your preferred IT-system.


Your data is presented on a dashboard so you always have an overview of data deliveries and the quality hereof.

Calculated measurement points

You can create calculated measurement points where two actual measurement points are subtracted or added.


You can set alarms in relation to your thresholds. You set the values to reflect the consumption of your buildings.


CITYFACTS always determines data quality to make it clear whether data is measured or estimated.

Open data platform

CITYFACTS gives you the opportunity to publish data to the outside world - if you wish.

Questions to products

Who owns the equipment?

CITYFACTS owns the equipment and the data collection platform. Upon termination of the agreement, you have the opportunity to purchase the equipment at a depreciated value.

Who is responsible for damaged equipment?

CITYFACTS is responsible for all equipment. However, we reserve the right to disclaim responsibility for equipment damaged by building users. Should an accident occur, your insurance must cover the damage.

What if CITYFACTS does not deliver as agreed?

If CITYFACTS does not meet the delivery requirements, you may claim compensation according to the principles set out in the agreement.


Are you interested in knowing more about data collection from your buildings, or are you curious about how we can help you achieve more efficient energy optimizations? Don't hesitate to give us a call so we can have a talk about your particular needs.
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