Frederiksberg Forsyning shows the way with a fully functioning Smart City network

The Utility of Frederiksberg

shows the way with a fully functioning Smart City network.

Together with Develco and Frederiksberg Forsyning (the utility of Frederiksberg), we have developed a comprehensive digital network which collects data from water and heat meters. Higher efficiency and lower operating costs are just some of the benefits.

Frederiksberg has great ambitions within the area of smart cities. So great, that they have implemented a fully digital network. It allows the city to make intelligent solutions to the challenges facing a modern city in terms of, among other things, congestion, efficiency and energy optimization.

The network itself consists of 850 gateways that are placed in the existing street lights, thus covering the entire city. The installed gateways collect data from meters - initially 9,350 water and heat meters.

However, in order to use the retrieved data intelligently, it must be translated and redistributed to the professional systems that will subsequently use it.

Facts from Frederiksberg Forsyning

Data from 9,350 water and heat meters passes through the platform
+10 million messages are retrieved daily
Data is collected in intervals down to 16 seconds

Decryption and distribution of data

The intelligent link between the network and the relevant professional systems has been the focal point of a development project involving Insero, Develco and Frederiksberg Forsyning.

We (Insero) have developed a central platform in a cloud environment, which does not depend on collecting a specific type of data and forward it to a specific professional system. It provides scalability and flexibility. The platform receives raw and encrypted data, which is extracted and stored in a database. The readable data is then passed on to the relevant professional system in Frederiksberg Forsyning.

Optimization based on usable data

Initially, Frederiksberg Forsyning uses the network to settle the consumption of water and heat at the individual households more efficiently and closer to real-time than previously possible. Here, more than 10 million messages are retrieved daily from 9,350 water and heat meters, after which they are handled and redistributed. In addition to higher efficiency, it also gives Frederiksberg Forsyning tangible savings in ongoing operating expenses.

In the longer term, the network can be used to create more intelligent solutions to specific, urban challenges.


The collaboration with the utility of Frederiksberg ended in late 2018.

Further information

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Senior Account Manager

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If you would like to here more about our work for Frederiksberg Forsyning, you are welcome to contact our Senior Account Manager, Peter.

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