Horsens Municipality spends time using data rather than collecting it.

Horsens Municipality

spends time using data rather than collecting it.

Time is a scarce resource. So why use it on collecting data rather than using it to create value from data across the municipality?

Horsens Municipality has made this consideration. Today, it involves many people and a thorough coordination between the municipality and the responsible operators of the buildings to read data from the utility meters in the municipality's approx. 300 buildings. Typically, data is handled and processed in specialized systems, which are linked to the individual departments in a municipality. In this way, data is locked into silo systems. That is what Horsens Municipality wants to eliminate by releasing data to create insights across the municipality's various departments.

Therefore, Horsens Municipality focuses strongly on automating and digitalizing data collection to assure valid data that can be used as a basis for optimizations, for example of building operations.


"We have a strong interest in being able to react quickly if a building does not perform optimally in terms of energy consumption. This requires that we have a much greater insight into our buildings", says Charlotte Høitbjerg Davidsen, Energy Technologist in the Center of Properties in Horsens Municipality.

Restructuring the data collection is complicated - basically, it requires great insight into sensors and meters as well as the digital infrastructure. To read data from your buildings remotely, you have to invest in the right equipment that fits the installation of meters in each building. Hereafter, it has to be physically installed and digitally connected before data becomes secure and easily accessible online for Horsens Municipality.

Facts from Horsens Municipality

Possibility of setting up alarms on consumption thresholds
Access to current and historical data at 5 minute values
An intuitive dashboard with a simple and clear overview

From manual to remote reading

We have helped Horsens Municipality to get started with remote reading of the consumption of electricity, water and heat on two of the municipal buildings. 

Data is collected from the buildings' utility meters by using loggers and afterwards sending it to a specially developed IoT data platform. The data platform ensures that data is sorted, allowing Horsens Municipality to focus on using data rather than collecting, adapting and sorting it first. From here, data can be passed on to the desired energy management platform/BI tools. 

"Remote reading of energy meters is complex and requires a huge insight in data collection as well as processing and storage of data. You have been an indispensable partner in our efforts to gain that insight from our buildings that we need by establishing the main structure of our future work with data collection", says Charlotte Davidsen.


The pilot project with Horsens Municipality ended in May 2019.

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