Odense City Hall gets validated data without delays

Odense City Hall

gets validated data without delays.

An abnormal electricity consumption can be difficult to detect if data is not valid and reliable. Therefore, Odense Municipality has chosen to extend the existing data collection at Odense City Hall to ensure data quality and to get the optimum opportunity to optimize the consumption.

Odense City Hall uses around 460 MWh in electricity consumption per year and has a minimum hourly consumption of 25 kWh, regardless of the time of day or day of the week. Therefore, there is a great potential for savings, by first finding times of the day when electricity consumption is inappropriately high, and then taking concrete actions. In the summer of 2019, Odense Municipality entered into a pilot project with CITYFACTS.


"Retrieving data in large quantities requires a great deal of knowledge and software to operate it. That is why we are constantly looking at how we can make data collection even smarter, so that we can eventually present data that allows you to decide how to best optimize energy consumption", explains Kim Allan Kristensen, Energy Consultant at Odense Municipality.

If Odense Municipality realizes 10% savings on Odense City Hall's standby consumption, the municipality is able to reduce the annual electricity bill by approximately 48,000 DKK.


No technology, only value

Previously, Odense Municipality received data on electricity consumption at Odense City Hall with 2-3 days delay, and without indication of the quality of data. Based on that, the municipality could not verify whether data was correct resulting in useless data to search for consumption at inappropriate times. Therefore, Odense municipality wanted to get more valid data directly from the electricity meter and based on the meter's counter.

However, it is not without challenges to collect data directly from the electricity meter. It can be complex, and it may take time to establish the data chain from meter connection to integration into a database.


"CITYFACTS has handled all the technical aspects and has acted on the behalf of us to remove any concerns related to the technical challenges", says Kim Allan Kristensen.


To access accurate data without delays, CITYFACTS entered into a collaboration with Vores Elnet, one of the electricity companies in Odense Municipality. Together, a solution was found that has enabled CITYFACTS to collect data directly from Odense City Hall's electricity meter.


"With valid data, we have the opportunity to ask questions about the consumption. Is it true that we need so much power in the night for example? It provides insight and an opportunity to optimize", elaborates Kim Allan Kristensen.

Let CITYFACTS take the responsibility for your data collection

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Measurable effect immediately

The data that CITYFACTS collects from Odense City Hall is presented on a user-friendly dashboard allowing Odense Municipality to see the electricity consumption hour by hour. A feature that allows the municipality to see the effect of its actions immediately.

"Data on electricity consumption is now available and presented in a way that enable us to inform about a high electricity consumption. If you turn off the coffee machine in the evening, it is possible to see the result the day after. This makes it easier for the technical staff to optimize the consumption", says Kim Allan Kristensen.


Data on subscription

Odense Municipality pays a fixed monthly price for data collection at Odense City Hall. The subscription covers the entire data chain including monitoring and maintenance, that ensures Odense Municipality valid and reliable data. In other words, the municipality do not have to worry about data loss or unforeseen crashes - CITYFACTS takes care of it. 

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