Skanderborg Municipality gets valuable insights with new data collection

Skanderborg Municipality

gets valuable insights with data collection.

As part of strengthening energy management, the municipality of Skanderborg is on the lookout for new alternatives to collecting data from their buildings. In 2019, the municipality initiated a collaboration with CITYFACTS to try out a new and different form of data collection on one of their buildings. 

Skanderborg Municipality priorities to strengthen and optimise the use of energy in their buildings. With a wish to create the best opportunities for optimisation, Skanderborg Municipality initiated a project with CITYFACTS to test an alternative to quality assuring their data.


“We wanted to use our data even more effectively and wanted to minimise uncertainties. That is why, we were on the lookout for other possible players on the market,” says Johan Løchte, Engineer at Skanderborg Municipality.


The building, from which CITYFACTS collects data, is a school named ‘Niels Ebbesen Skolen’ in the municipality of Skanderborg. CITYFACTS takes full responsibility for installing equipment, just as the municipality don’t have to think about validation and quality assurance of data. Electricity, water and heating data from the school is delivered directly to Skanderborg Municipality via CITYFACTs dashboard.

Read the full case here (in Danish)

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